I bet the story of how their PR people will manage this story would make a great article for the New Yorker!

Forced-labor charges for Saudi prince’s wife

By Stephanie Ebbert and Scott Goldstein, Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent  |  March 31, 2005

WINCHESTER — The wife of a Saudi prince was arrested yesterday for allegedly forcing two Indonesian housekeepers to work for her family at homes in Arlington and Winchester for meager wages over nearly two years.

A federal grand jury indicted Hana F. Al Jader on 10 counts of forced labor, domestic servitude, and other immigration offenses, alleging that she hid her servants’ passports and work visas and threatened they would be harmed if they failed to perform the work.

Jader, a 39-year-old Saudi national married to Prince Mohamed Bin Turki Alsaud, …

It’s got it all! Problem, the media, and a hero, the PR team, and I assume there will be movement; except I notice the story New York Times doesn’t appear to have called up this story from it’s farm team paper, the Boston Globe, … yet.

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