High Class of Problem

I love this idea “high class of problem.”

My mother has a maxim for when someone has to choose between two relatively nice options. She calls this “A high class of problem.” “If you have to choose between a Mercedes and a Jaguar,” she says, “and you just can’t decide – that’s a high class of problem.”

In context though it reminds me of what pulls my cord about the home schooling debate.

Professional women in this country do have observable problems. I probably would have continued to work if I could have found adequate childcare, but the fact is, where I live, even though I was willing to pay a lot of money, childcare that was good enough for my kids, and reliable enough for me to be a good bet for my employer, is just not widely available.

One thing I think that women in my position do realize and should be able to communicate to others is to realize that to many people our problem is going to be what my mother calls A High Class of Problem.

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