This log-log chart shows the revenue and expenditures for my town; both are aprox. power-law distributed. The revenue sources, shown in blue, are more condensed than the expenditures. The numbers are taken from the proposed budget for the coming year (See this pdf) page C-1).

This next chart and the following table are the ten top revenue sources shown in three formats: a linear chart, a log-log chart, and a pie chart.

$6.1e7 Tax Levy
$1.5e7 State Aid
$8.1e6 Local Receipts
$1.0e6 Stabilization
$5.0e5 Overlay Surplus
$1.8e5 Free Cash
$1.5e5 Fy04 Turn Backs
$1.0e5 Hotel Tax
$1.0e5 Antenna Funds
$5.0e4 Elm. Debt Income

And now the same thing on the expense side.

$3.1e7 Education
$1.1e7 Insurance
$5.8e6 C. Pensions
$4.7e6 Safe: Police
$4.5e6 Safe: Fire
$4.2e6 PW Highways & Sant.
$1.5e6 Libraries
$1.4e6 PW: Prop, Cemetary, Nat.Res.
$7.8e5 Comptroller
$7.1e5 Legal
$6.3e5 Safe: Support
$5.6e5 Human Services
$5.5e5 Treasurer
$3.9e5 Redevelopment
$3.5e5 Selectman
$3.3e5 Town Manager
$3.0e5 Safe: Admin
$3.0e5 Building Inspection
$3.0e5 Reserve Fund
$2.9e5 N.C. Pensions
$2.7e5 Assessors
$2.6e5 PW: Motor Eq. Repair
$2.5e5 Street Lights
$2.1e5 PW: Public Works Admin
$2.0e5 Town Clerk
$1.7e5 Planning & Community Dev.
$1.4e5 Personnel
$1.2e5 Postage
$1.0e5 PW Engineering
$7.4e4 Parking
$5.4e4 Registrars
$2.1e4 Zoning Appeals
$1.0e4 Finance Committee

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