Upgrading to WordPress 1.5

The bug report said that I should hand edit the database and then upgrade to the current version. So after many many more hours than I’d like I have switched on wordpress 1.5. The style sheets aren’t right yet. The captch for comments is much more obnoxious.

Oh piffle – the pages are now all showing excerpts instead of the entire entries and I don’t see a toggle that controls that. The most painful consequence of that is that none of the entry pictures are showing up on the main index pages.

As an aside you can detune the capcha to some extent by tinkering with the files in it’s “noise” directory.

I’m sure there are things broken; so fee free to, keep me informed.

Meanwhile, what happens to Walmart if the Chinese float their currency?

0 thoughts on “Upgrading to WordPress 1.5

  1. Bill Tozier

    I can’t read 3/4 of the captchas. I had to re-load three times before I could post this.

    Are you sure the right ttf fonts are installed? It looks like some sort of weird pixelation thing is making it worse….

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