Google News Frequencies

This chart shows the data from here as of around 3pm 3/28/05 EST plotted on a linear scale and a log-log scale. Each dot shows how many times a particular media source was selected by the news AI at Google for inclusion on their news summary page. The data doesn’t cover a very long period of time so as you get out on the long tail of sources it gets grainy.

There are 1123 sources in the list. The top 64 sources account for just under 50% of stories posted. To say that another way the elite top 5% of the news outlets generated half the stories the AI selected. The elite 1% of the sources account for 20% of the stories. The #1 source provided 4% of the stories.

Two Washington newspapers are in that top 1%. The Moonie owned and operated Washington Times out scores the Washington Post. Silly AI.

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