I’ve always enjoyed being a smart aleck about dialectics; injecting a third into the midst of the mud wresting that others like to do.

So the middleman in the midst of buyers and sellers is partially of that kind.

But I think’s helpful to spend some time aggregating the tools to work on problems in a less polarized manner. Toward that end I’ve been baiting various groups for examples of sets of three. I’d prefer ones that bring rich metaphors along with them. The three colors for example do that.

One example was delightfully way to do this is illustrated by: GM, Chrystler, and Ford; the three big car makers in the US. If you have a concentrated industry you get a small number of big players. That’s one of the extreme power-law cases and of course you can then go find lots of other power-law sets and pop off the top three.

For example english from here.

  • Spoken: the, I, you
  • Written: the, of, and
  • Nouns: time, year, people
  • Verbs: be, have, do
  • Adjectives: other, good, new
  • Adverbs: so, up, then
  • Pronouns: it, i, you
  • Determiners: the, a, his
  • Determiner/Pronouns: this, that, which
  • Prepositions: of, in, to
  • Conjunctions: and, that, but
  • Interjections: yeah, oh, no

“Yeah”, “Oh” … “No!” That’s practically the example i started with.

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