Negative lines of code per day.

Lines-of-code/day is a common bogus metric in primitive performance review systems. I have never seen anybody get a bonus for achieving a large negative number. That can’t be right! What whould a guy be worth to you if he could reduce the size of your system by 10-20%? more.

2 thoughts on “Negative lines of code per day.

  1. Doug

    Lines of code per day is a useful metric, just not in the way people generally use. If I know how many lines of code per day I can generally write, and I can SWAG an estimate of how many lines of code it will take me to express feature/function X, then I can have an idea how long it will take me to generate feature/function X. I guess the point is that LoC/day is a personal metric that loses meaning when you try to compare it to someone else or use it for anything other than personal use.

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