Data Dealer

Oh what fun, I bought a scanner!

Now I can insert hand drawings in my blog postings. This is a picture of yesterday’s fun idea; an application that runs along side your Browser which does match making for data exchange on your behalf.

This is the User is the happy face.

  1. The user browses to a site that provides data (The drawing should say Browser rather than Browse).
  2. The user downloads a description of the data offered by the site; that is handed off to the helper application “Data Deal Maker.”
  3. Later the user visits a site that consumes data.
  4. He down loads a description of that site’s data consuming interests which is again handed off to the Data Deal Maker.
  5. At this, or some later point, the data deal maker notices the chance to make a deal between the providing and the consuming site. A deal that presumably might make the user’s life better. It offers the deal to the user.
  6. The happy user approves the deal. I don’t show this but the data deal maker then introduces the sites to each other.
  7. The two sites proceed to exchange data on behalf of the user. The angles sing.

In the pedestrian case of subscribing to a blog the data providing site is the blog and the data consuming site is the user’s blog aggreagtor (a web site or a local program, doesn’t matter).

I like love how this keeps the user in the middle and how the data deal maker becomes the user’s personal middleman. That goes nicely with the details about how I bought this scanner; which are outrageous.

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