A Folksonomy Rant

Folksonomies – nobody in control? What! that’s silly, the site designers are in control. If the ontologists wish to remain in control they had best start building sites, and fast. “The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.” Ontologists are in a particularly extreme case of that quandary, arn’t they? More so than then typical professional faced with the displacement of Moore’s Law and his friends.

Folksonomies – not scalable? My that’s rich. What is this about if not leveraging the vast talent available on the planet. Ontology design by committee, now that doesn’t scale. The seats at the table become scare, the coordination problems explode. Wake up people.

Folksonomies – too flat? Just maybe the reason for hierarchy in the classical ontology hand little to do with the reality of the problem undergoing classification and everything to do with governance of the seats at the committee table?

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