They never come on time

This article by Richard Bernstein A Continent Watching Anxiously Over the Melting Pot that appears in the New York Times is just awful.

It fails to provide any demographic data. For example it doesn’t mention the problem of an aging population or the low birth rate. It fails to mention any transportation and regulatory changes than make population mixing so much easier. For example it doesn’t mention the effect of the European Union of cross national migration within the union. It fails to mention any of the forces – war, famine, etc. – that drive populations to flee their homelands.

Finally it casts a entirely false picture of America as a paradise of multiculturalism. That is so bogus! I live in Massachusetts, I gather we are a liberal kind place. We recently passed a law by popular referendum and over the objections of all experts to outlaw public school funding of curriculum in the student’s native language.

A friend of mine and I have a game we play that involves attempting to enumerate the well known cliches about ‘them’; i.e. those people who live in next valley, the other department, the next town, etc. For example their women are aggressive, but exotic and passionate. Their women are oppressed and submissive; but it’s an act. You won’t believe what they do to their children. Eat their young! Let them run wild! They do, of course, live for the moment – they don’t know how to defer short term pleasure for a long term benefit; like we do. You’d be surprised at what they wear. Clueless! Oh man. It’s a weak culture, yes, but that leads to a brutish power that you must both respect and fear. Rhythm, they do have rhythm. …

This article is a useless cartoon even than that.

What a waste of news print, bring on the fishes.

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