Shun those robots

I added the authimage hack to my blog’s word press installation some time ago. It forces those who leave comments to pass a small test that they are human. It has been a complete success. Previously I was doing lots of hand work as well as maintaining lots of overly clever code.

Highly recommended!

0 thoughts on “Shun those robots

  1. Mike

    Of course, this works unless you have some sort of visual impairment, or can’t be bothered typing in the code.

    Something that I have found that works just as well (i.e., I’ve received no comment spam since implementing it) is forcing readers to preview their comment once before submitting it. Although I’m sure spammers will eventually work around it, it’s a nicer solution than authimage and the like.

    Having said that, I don’t know if WP supports comment preview (I’m still on MT 2.6). Maybe someone needs to whip up some sort of extension?

  2. Gudlyf

    The latest version of AuthImage allows for phonetic text to be displayed instead of the image, so the vision-impaired argument doesn’t hold with this plugin if the user’s concerned about that.

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