Splitting Community Property

Here’s a first draft for how to split up the super power.

Secession II

I suggest we allocate the 7.5 Trillion dollar deficit equitably (sic) using electoral votes (531). So, to take an example, Texas with 64 electoral votes gets 900 billion of the deficit. Of course a number like that is hard to think about so let’s get a bit more intimate.

There were 7.4 million households in Texas as of the 2000 census; to that’s $122 thousand dollars each. Median household income was about $40 thousand.

North Carolina? (15EV, 3.1MM households, median household income $40K) -> $68K/household.

Massachusetts? (12EV, 2.4MM households, median houshold income $50.5K) -> $70K/household.

Splitting community property in a divorce is always a messy proposition. Sooner rather than later would help. It’s not hard to find people who see the annual budget deficit quickly rising to 600 Billion a year. Very very roughly that’s like another $10K/year for those folks in Texas.

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