To the untravelled, territory other than their own familiar heath is invariably fascinating. Next to love, it is the one thing which solaces and delights. Things new are too important to be neglected, and mind, which is a mere reflection of sensory impressions, succumbs to the flood of objects. Thus lovers are forgotten, sorrows laid aside, death hidden from view. There is a world of accumulated feeling back of the trite dramatic expression–“I am going away.” – Theodore Dreiser in Sister Carrie

I like that my first day with the current employer was Halloween of 1999; and my last day in the office will be Friday the 13th. Four years, shorter than my usual time per employer; I’m such a homebody!

Now the recreation of looking for a new gig; suggestions welcome. I’m particularly interested in working on systems that help small entities leverage the internet – in quantity. email: bhyde at pobox . com

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