I used to ask people working for me about the trend in their FTJF. Of course, everybody does regularly think “FTJ.” It’s the frequency that’s important; well actually the trends in the frequency. Or, maybe the question is what’s the level compared to one’s mode otherwise.

I’ve been in a particularly nice mood recently, and my FTJF is sky rocketing. A pretty clearly indicates I’ll be leaving my current job real soon now.

Weeee. The fun of the new! I wonder, what will tommorrow bring?

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  1. Marc

    I doubt that ‘everyone’ regularly thinks ‘FTJ’ – or at least not seriously. I suspect that there is distinct correlation between personality types and FTJF – highly creative, restless types tend to get bored/frustated in job positions that don’t change/evolve with their interests over time – which unfortunately includes most jobs. These are the type of people who are regularly “moving on” …

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