Learning thru Modeling

Another specimen for the frameworks collection. This is a social science one (i.e. why do people do dat?) framework. In this case how do people learn to do dat.

From Social Learning Theory; one of the mechinisms that primate learn is by observing the behaviors of other primates “Monkey see monkey do.” This is called “modeling.” Not to be confused with life modeling.

We can break that into four phases bridging from modeled events to matching performances.

  • Attentional Processes: first you gotta notice the behavior you might model.
  • Retention Processes: then you need to store it in your noodle.
  • Motor Reproduction Processes: then you gotta figure out how to do what you saw.
  • Motovational Processes: finally you need to have a reason to bother.

We can dive down a bit into each of these four, naming mechinisms that might get used to implement those.

Attentional Processes:

  • Modeling Stimuli:
    • Distinctiveness
    • Affective Valence
    • Complexity
    • Prevalence
    • Functional Value
  • Observer Chracteristics:
    • Sensory Capacities
    • Arousal Level
    • Perceptual Set
    • Past Reinforcement

Retition Processes:

  • Symbolic Coding
  • Cognitive Organization
  • Symbolic Rehersal
  • Motor Rehearsal

Motor Reproduction Processes:

  • Physical Capablities
  • Availability of Component Responses
  • Self Observation of Reproductions
  • Accuracy Feedback

Motivational Processes:

  • External Reinforcement
  • Vicarious Reinforcement
  • Self-Reinforcement

This framework is lifted from Social Learning Theory by Bandura.

Presumably if you wish to learn something, or you wish to teach something you’d be wanting to use this framework to structure the situation. With that in mind this is an interesting list to contrast with the coercive techniques used by cults were such structuring gets entirely out of control.

Need more learning theories; here areĀ  more than fifty more.

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