Goofus and Galant

Yet another example of how much material still waits to be dragged out of the deepening darkness of those primitive pre-web times: apparently almost none of Goofus and Gallant on the web!

Could there be a finer example of the mindless way that technology casually displaces the hard won ethical standards of the past?

Goofus hordes his intellectual property, Gallant shares!

3 thoughts on “Goofus and Galant

  1. Andrew A. Gill

    There’s plenty of Goofus and Gallant on the web. A quick google search gives around 2000 hits, including:

    The Official Goofus and Gallant web site:

    Gallant’s obituary:

    The Brunching Shuttlecocks’ Headlines for Children:

    Goofus/Gallant slash fiction:

    Note also that Goofus and Gallant are still owned and employed by Highlights for Children, so anything involving them is likely to run afoul of copyright infringement.

  2. Ben Hyde

    2000 hits, yes, but so far I’ve only found one image or what appears to be an original hit.

    I like those Brunching Shuttlecock’s headlines though.

  3. Andrew A. Gill

    Well, like I said, they’re still under copyright. You don’t go around pictures of Picasso’s works and plastering them on the web, do you?

    In addition, it appears that “Goofus and Gallant” is a registered trademark of Highlights for Kids.

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