good neighbors scoop

As I was walking down the back alley where this sign appears I was thinking about how you might go about organizing the community to get it paved. It’s a muddy pothole ridden thing today. About 300 to 500 people would benefit. It wouldn’t be expensive per person. It would make the alley more pleasant in the winter and the rain.

Then I came upon this sign.


My rule of thumb is that signs are a kind of social hacking, an attempt to get the system to work a bit better. They usually appear in response to some undesirable event. I’ll leave it to your imagination which one triggered this nice big sign.

Some times the sign order you. Sometimes the signs warn you. This is a nice one. It’s just an announcement. It’s announcing the poster’s opinion about how community member’s are selflessness and do their communal duty. Actually I like the way that it’s a little ambigous who’s speaking; i.e. how legitimate their opinion might be.

It’s like the difference between a sign that says “Vote!” and one that says “Citizens vote.”

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