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  1. Santiago Gala

    I use to say that a road crossing filled with danger signals is actually an hommage to the people that died or got injured there.

    In Spain they have precise definitions for black spots, and they put extra signs (while the road gets redesigned, which can take years even when feasible) after a certain number of accidents, dead or injured people.

  2. Jamie McCarthy

    I’ve kept up a website at http://gubbish.com/ for several years now, for no particular reason. It’ll go away soon because I’m bored of it and am surrendering the domain name.

    Coincidentally, the building shown in its photo was torn down literally the day after I took its picture.

  3. Ben Hyde

    Santiago – I like that. Signs are hommage to past tragedy.

    I feel similarly about orange cones, but those – I think they tend to be scolding.

    The formal nature of a sign tend to indicate there was a more formal period before the sign was erected. – ben

    Meanwhile, does portmanteau have an opposite.

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