Erdos Status Market Report

I assume that most of my readers have low Erdos numbers and will therefore wish to know what they are worth. My original bid of $1.35 turned out to be too low. The number five went for $1,031 dollars.

As you can see from the screen shot bellow even eBay, market-maker to the world, ponders “How did this happen?”.


Update:: The virtue of erdos numbers has found a defender! A rightous Don Quixote . A brave man willing to defend the foundations of the ivory tower from such flippant conceptual undermining.

0 thoughts on “Erdos Status Market Report

  1. Bill Tozier

    You might want to read the entry in my blog about the winner.

    More is forthcoming in a couple of days, when we see how he responds to my simple explanation and offer to let him apologize to save face….

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