Arrogant Software

I love this quote.

Part of the problem was how arrogant we were. We believed that we could spend a couple of days watching trained lawyers perform a highly-skilled job, talk briefly to them, and then make their jobs completely obsolete.

It resonates nicely with the fun that Clay’s been is having tearing into the social software dudes; even if I don’t entirely agree with him.

When I young I used to go to parties with lots of artists and theater people. They would ask what I did and upon replying that I wrote software a painful silence would follow. I’d sometimes indulge myself by inserting toward the end of that silence the assertion. “My dream is to put an entire city of people out of work!”

In reality my dream is to create new cities of people. Don’t tell anybody; but a lot of that arrogant social software seems to be doing just that. Who’d a thought, weird huh?

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