is neat.

What’s in it for me? I get an account where I can collect bookmarks and access them from all over the web. It’s easy, since I can add bookmarks to your account using a bookmarklet. So I can type cmd-2 and hit a button I’ve saved another URL.

What in it for us? We all get to see what other folks are taking note of. For example I can discover that other folks that have taken note of the same bookmarks I’ve noted and then look at other things they are noticing.

All the stuff you’d expect: categories, what’s new, popular lists; and of course people have built hacks that complement it for automaticly capturing the URLs from blog postings, or embedding your recent entries into your blog’s home page.

It’s a very interesting example of how people will volunteer to reveal stuff and that a hub can create a network effect, which creates value out of collective action, and generates assorted complements around that hub.

I gather this is the work of the same guy that did the geourl stuff I pointed out a long time ago. A similarly sweet lite idea.

Give it a try!

  • Create an account.
  • Put the bookmarklets on your toolbar.
  • Add some pages from your browser bookmarks and history.
  • Join the fun.

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