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Presentations – Nice advice from Doc. Searls on how to give presentations.

Presentations – Another nice set of advice on giving presentations, this is the one with the critical advise on happy babies. I feel it’s important to standardize on this baby picture, particularly since you can have him pointing at your bullet points.

Gaea’s Fart – Something else to worry about.

Aggregate Mood — at live journal.

Outsource, Peicework, Editting – Some price on the density of errors, some by amusing metaphor, some are serving self publishing authors, while others do ghost writing, a lot of these seem to be in england, but at least one is in India. I started looking at these from one I found via a banner ad. While, obviously I need one thesse; what I really wish for is a Moveable Type plug-in that let’s my readers volunteer edits to my postings.

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