Wellsfargo Wagon is a comming for me…

I’m sitting at home so I can sign for a package containing a new expensive toy for me!

I paid extra for shipping so it would get here before I go for a long trip.

The package tracking isn’t working. It worked once. Now it says there are duplicate packages with the same tracking number and I should call customer service. What is customer service is willing to tell me? Exactly nothing. Well they are willing to tell me that the shipping I bought assures that my package will arrive sometime within a 72 hour period (this is called two day shipping of course) but then I knew that when I purchased it.

I’m very frustrated. At this moment package tracking is the only feature of the bundle of features that make up the shipping I care about. At this moment it looms large in my perception of the shipping. Why it’s 80%, 90% of the value of the shipping for me right now. I want my money back! Well, actually I just want customer service to be nice and apologetic.

That’s an interesting aspect to bundling. If you, the vendor, mess up one “minor” feature of the bundle how much of a refund does the customer deserve? What if that feature (which accounted for only 5% of your cost) accounts for 45% of the user’s valuation of the offering?

What’s a day out of the office worth?

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