Marshmallow Nostolgia

It was with great nostolgia I read this posting describing the farming in Delaware. As a child many of our neighbors in northeastern Conneticut would grow the occational well concealed vine of mallows. Moving them every year. As a kid it was fun to try and find them out.

I do have one minor point of disagreement though. If dried approprately the light dusting of powder he describes is entirely unnecessary. Some people believe the only reason for that step was some sort of a quid-pro-quo to the sugar industry.

The brain is such a packrat. I sometimes wonder if other people’s brains are as cluttered as mine. I doubt you can tell by looking at their houses. My poor house is full of stuff; just like my poor brain. It would be bleak to discover that people with empty houses have matching empty brains.


HA! Cool, look! I seem to actually have some of those marshmallow extruders from my childhood. All this junk is going to get me into trouble some day. I really ought to toss some of this lumber!

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