Antinomian Ranters!


I am not the least surprised to learn that the Ranters were an “antinomian sect”. I see that their oponents would insult them by refering to them as “high proffessors“, makes sense to me.

They really knew how to name a sect back then: Ranters, Quakers, Shakers, Manifestarians, Muggletonians, Levellers, Diggers, Seekers, and of course the Puritans. Ah, America’s roots.

Today’s cults all seem to try and parasite or hide behind on some other relegion’s brandname.

It’s a wonderful thing, group forming!

3 thoughts on “Antinomian Ranters!

  1. trish

    I am very interested in the Ranters, their religion, lifestyle and politics. They are the subject of my ongoing research and publications and I am always interested to communicate with anyone who may have any information on them, no matter how obscure, as it may be a key to further research insights for me.

  2. Fred Britton

    WRT Ranters:

    Have your read *Treason Against God*, Leonard W. Levy (1981)? Chapt. 8, “Antinomianism Running Amok,” is mostly about Ranters. In fact, it’s the only (possibly unintentionally) entertaining chapter in the book.

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