link soup

Loons – There as a time in this great country of ours when crackpot really stood for something, maybe we can get back to our roots.

Stop Energy – If your going to engage in satirical charactatures of proffessionals then at least be sure you get the formating right. He could have had so much fun with the security implications section of the RFC. What a waste.

Inside Treo – This was a big help in letting me supress my overwhelming desire to take my Treo apart, but then I can’t find the jeweler’s screw driver either.

Winter weather – Stop freeloading on that oppressive goverment weather monopoly get custom free enterprise weather online now!

VoIP vendor – Some people seem to be confused about the quality signature of boadband IP, might as well sell them phone service. Ok for a second line of the kid though.

Winter tires – are starting to seem like a very attractive idea around here

Food insects
– “let them eat cake” is so old fashion.

G4 Powerbook Battery Reset? – My powerbook batter stopped taking a charge. A new one is $150 +/- $40. Bought a used one on eBay for $60. It appears that battery failure of this kind is often a problem with resetting the chargering system’s model of the battery. Frustrating not to know if this old battery is really useless or not.

Warchalk your cell phone? – apparently in some parts of the world people stand around on the street and will sell you some time on their cellphone. Now if we just add standard way to indicate your willing to do this, say a hanky in your left jeans pocked [:-)], then all of us who carry cell phones could make a little money on the side.

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