Browser History Scraping

Fraud: Having trouble getting a handle on corp. scandals? I doubt this will help.
thanks kimbo

Pop?: v.s. Soda (requires java).

Things to worry about: asteroids! “… early warning satellites detected an explosion in the Earth’s atmosphere June 6, at the height of the tension [India/Pakistan] with an energy release estimated to be 12 kilotons. Fortunately the detonation, equivalent to the blast that destroyed Hiroshima, occurred over the Mediterranean Sea. … In 1996, our satellite sensors detected a burst over Greenland equal to a 100-kiloton yield.”

9/11: Blueman group, the tragedy. Be sure to look at the scraps after the flash animation.

Keychain: lock your keychain or screen from the menubar on OS X 10.2

Gimp-Print!: Oh happy day, this suite of print drivers from the open source community allows my Mac, running OS X 10.2, to print on the nice Epson printer that I just happen to have lying around already. Meanwhile the vendor has been working on drivers for this thing for a few years. Once again developers with a personal need for a solution outrun developers being paid by disinterested product marketing people.

Kits!: Beautiful hobby kits for kites, boats, planes.

Catalogs: The catalog search tool at Google is amazing. Try something really obscure!

Market Making: Emerging marketplaces and how the rules that govern them come to pass is one of my interests. This is an essay by an early seller in the marketplace established by Google for buying awnsers to your questions.

Fax Away has a very civilized pricing model. They will send your fax for you, anyplace in the world, for reasonable costs/minute. They charge only for what you send. They use a prepaid model; you put ten dollars in to your account and then to send a fax in the US is 11 cents a minute. You email them the document you want faxed. Works perfectly for me. Meanwhile will give you a free incomming fax number. Update: they now have a dollar a month account maintainance charge – so they aren’t useful for my very rare fax needs. It looks like InterFax now does what Fax Away used to do; but I haven’t tried them – I walked down to the copy shop and spent a dollar a page instead.

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