AT&T’s Privacy Policy the Voyeur’s friend

AT&T Broadband’s privacy policy? They can release unlimited info about your browsing to third parties!

The privacy policy is an eight page legal document. The copy delivered to my house had each page reduced to one-quarter size. There is a paragraph in the middle of the document that is over a page long. The last two sentences in that paragraph have 96 words

Here is the relevant fragment of those two sentences:

… when you use cable Internet services, certain information maybe disclosed to third parties providing content or services on the … platform. Such disclosure may include without limitation … other information about your … electronic browsing …

It explicitly states that there is no limit on what information maybe released. While they have a limit on who’s included amoung third parties: they must be providing content or services on the “intereactive TV platform”. Who provides content? Do the networks, the media companies, advertisers, news outlets, and the government provide content?

Update: When I wrote this I had a web site on their cable system. Presumably back then I was one of these third parties.

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